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Show Mix HE


Show Mix HE (High Energy) For weight and Condition with added oomph 

A highly palatable and dust free fibre based mix designed to aid weight gain and promote extra condition with a bit more oomph.

Show Mix H.E. contains Balanced Horse Feeds unique dual energy release formulation. Providing quick release energy from bruised oats, naked oats and cooked cereals and slow release energy from highly digestible fibre sources including alfalfa, sugar beet shreds, the finest carefully hand selected straw and pure unrefined soya oil that also helps increase the energy density of the mix.

Important antioxidant levels (vitamin E & selenium) have been elevated to help optimise performance and recovery and key B vitamins have been raised to help improve energy production. A pre-biotic is included to help with the nutritional support of a healthy digestive system.

Show Mix H.E. is highly palatable for fussy feeders and is suitable for all types of horses and ponies in medium to hard work.

When Show Mix H.E. is fed at the recommended levels then no further supplementation is required.


Full Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Raised B vitamins

Added Soya Oil

Added probiotic

Feeding Recommendations