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Happy Feet


Happy Feet has been specially formulated for laminitic horses and ponies where the quality of nutrition must be kept high but the calorie, sugar and starch levels restricted.Happy Feet is a complete, low starch (6.5%), low sugar (4.25%) feed totally free from any molasses. Blended from a mixture of fibre pellets, grass pellets, alfalfa, oat straw chaff and grass chaff, it is incredibly palatable and suitable for fussy feeders. It also has a complete vitamin and mineral supplement, high levels of plant based antioxidants and more biotin in than any other fibre based laminitic feed on the market.When fed at the required levels Happy Feet requires no further supplementation, although it should be lightly dampened before feeding.



For laminitic horses and ponies

Foot Friendly low in starch and sugar added magnesium  slow release energy

 Feeding recommendations