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Feeding The Veteran

If you are Feeding The Veteran then you should:

● Choose the correct feed for bodyweight, condition and workload:

Oldster – Elevated vitamins & minerals for horses & ponies in light- medium work

N-Hance – Slow release energy for mature horses and ponies still competing

High Fibre Cubes – Low sugar, low starch cube for maintenance

● Ensure the daily intake meets the correct vitamin and mineral requirement to help support your horse or ponies immune system. If feeding under the recommended daily intake then add Balanced Vitamin & Mineral Booster.

● Ensure forage intake is fed at least 1% of bodyweight daily

●Consider Balanced JMB (Joint & Muscle Booster) which will provide nutritional support for joints and muscles.

● Fluid intake is critical; make sure water consumption is monitored at all times.

● Remove any rugs at least daily to check condition and bodyweight.

● Make sure the teeth are regularly checked for sharp edges, occlusion (grinding surface) and loose teeth at least every 6 months or more often if required.

● If your horse or pony has any chronic or age related conditions then discuss any feed changes with your veterinary surgeon.