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Developer Stud Mix

horse feed for covering stallions and brood mares

FOR BROOD MARES & COVERING STALLIONS Coarse horse mix for brood mares and covering stallions

A highly palatable and dust free coarse mix formulated to meet tremendous nutritional demands of covering stallions and brood mares in late gestation and during peak lactation.Mare & Stallion Mix is blended from a mixture of bruised oats, cooked cereals, high quality vegetable protein and a concentrate pellet containing a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement including important antioxidants (vitamin E & selenium), magnesium and key B vitamins.

Raised protein levels are provided by high quality non GM cooked flaked soya to provide the essential amino acids ensuring that the mare has all the nutrients she needs to produce a strong healthy foal and produce ample milk during the peak lactation period. Pure unrefined soya oil is included to help increase the energy density of the feed.

A little chaff can be added to help encourage chewing. When Mare & Stallion Mix is fed at the recommended levels then no further supplementation is required.