Burlybed Light is made from 100% oilseed rape straw. The harvested straw is processed right here on the farm.

  • 100% Oilseed rape straw

  • Low dust

  • Absorbent

  • Cost effective

  • Natural

  • Biodegradable

  • Light

  • Soft

  • Supportive

  • Easy to maintain

  • Recyclable packaging

Oilseed rape is mainly grown for its oil-rich seed with the majority of the stems of the plant being a by-product. It is this by-product straw that we source from British Farm Assured farms in the South of England.

During the production process, the raw material is shredded and dust extracted to produce a finely chopped, soft, fluffy and free-draining product that is then baled, stacked, wrapped and sent on its way to our stockists.

We add nothing to our Burlybed Light except our time and expertise. Every bale is 100% rape straw so that the very best, totally natural, product makes its way to your horses or ponies stable.