Best Conventional (small) Hay Bale


2022 Hay conventional (small) Bales, made without rain.
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Our small bale hay, is horse hay or pet hay bales have been manufactured to stringent quality standards using our state of the art BaleBaron handling system, to give a nominal weigh of 18-22kg.

Our fields are permanent pasture and the grasses are a mixture of Timothy , Fescues, Rye and soft meadow grasses

Harvested during the summer months, our hay is made whilst the sun shines and without rain.

We have invested heavily in equipment investing nearly £250,000 in state of the art machinery, to ensure that we make good hay, especially as the weather is not always kind.

Sadly from time to time the weather defeats us and we have hay that has been rained on, this we class as 2nd grade. This hay is usually cheaper and can be ok to be fed to Horses or Ponies

Please call 01372 745629 for more details on our Horse and Pet Hay

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